#Privateequity performance is built on fraud, which is why they will never adopt real @CFAinstitute #GIPS performance standards https://t.co/UUv0RfVIaE @PEcloserlook @PELaidBare @EileenAppelbaum @ewarren @davidsirota

Private Equity firms Blackstone & KKR control Surprise Medical Billing https://t.co/RT1IXc5jTo @PEcloserlook @PELaidBare @EileenAppelbaum

Dear Pensions: If you won't listen to me on fees and costs... will you at least listen to WARREN BUFFET!? https://t.co/syqDj74UJB Remember: The only thing guaranteed by high fee managers is... high fees.

Reading teaching evaluations at the semester's end is important but hard.

Even when 99% of my students' comments are positive, it's the one harsh comment that sticks with me.

This is not helpful. So I've developed a system to deal with this. Here it is:

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