I am so jealous. I should have so been the one writing an abstract starting as follows: This article makes use of theories of humor and play to analyze a corpus of jokes private equity investors tell about the work that they do.

had missed that one. I find it brilliant. @gilliantett is a distinct journalist. I love her books and this piece is of the same style:

Another particularly thoughtful article on PE by @JavierespFT lots of food for thoughts. Why is it that PE folks repeat they improve companies but it is so hard to find workers happy with all these great improvements. I doubt it's journalistic biases.

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Public #Pensions looking the other way at SEC violations by #PrivateEquity firms Blackstone, Apollo, KKR, WL Ross https://t.co/lgVwWhtXvC
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Burkle's Yucaipa Fund Gets $3 Million SEC Penalty Over Conflicts ⁦@PEcloserlook⁩ ⁦@PELaidBare⁩ z https://t.co/ILzvSXf6rf

This headline seems weird to me. Instead of “Merrill Lynch cuts top advisory fee,” shouldn’t it be “OMG, people are being charged 2% for investment advice!!!” https://t.co/zB6RjQMyP9

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