@alphaarchitect @ROIChristie @verdadcap Oh and don't forget @lphalippou81 His work is what started me....

the hOle

I now "can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person" before I read his book @PELaidBare

Impressive (and exemplary) piece of journalism. Research shows that PE usually improves quality of services. But what happens in financial distress situation? Any equity holder has an incentive to cut costs, hurt customers, etc. to keep control...


Economics PhD Programs in Europe: Completion Times and More https://t.co/tltAfJtENJ by Árpád Ábrahám, Benedikt Dengler, and Vinzenz Ziesemer

Asset shifters: in an era of easy money and cheap financing, buyout groups increasingly pass deals around. Growing concerns that we’re in a bubble and heading for a crash. My analysis here: https://t.co/zS86LQFe6M follow me here: @JavierespFT

Two Biggest Pennsylvania Public Pension Funds Underreported $3.8 Billion in PE Fees, Oxford Professor Says https://t.co/1uXdcAwv62 @PEcloserlook @pelaidbare @MarketIntegrity @FAFNorwalk @GFOA @PensionDialog @fi360 @RetirementRsrch @GOVERNING @nasact @StateTreasurers

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