Asset shifters: in an era of easy money and cheap financing, buyout groups increasingly pass deals around. Growing concerns that we’re in a bubble and heading for a crash. My analysis here: follow me here: @JavierespFT

Two Biggest Pennsylvania Public Pension Funds Underreported $3.8 Billion in PE Fees, Oxford Professor Says @PEcloserlook @pelaidbare @MarketIntegrity @FAFNorwalk @GFOA @PensionDialog @fi360 @RetirementRsrch @GOVERNING @nasact @StateTreasurers

Those who rushed to save the system when they saw it imploding focus on tools to rescue when it happens again, pay lip service to prevention , They benefit from the same system including the "shadow banking" they like to warn about.

A new threshold. Today the 2000th hard copy of this very self published book was sold. Thank you all.

Comprehensive coverage of a fascinating story which sounds awfully familiar

Why are PE funds allowed to aggressively pitch this way?

"We have outperformed public markets by 8.7% on average per year since 1989"

40 pages later in extremely small print

"No investor.. invested.. in a manner to [receive] the returns"

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