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Real-world data from 1.14 million vaccinations show the Pfizer and #OxfordVaccine reduce risk of hospitalisation by up to 85% and 94% respectively four weeks after initial dose. https://bit.ly/2NmRpKI

Tesla made more money holding bitcoins one month than in 14 years of car making. Front running financial markets is a winner.

Putting this in ways academics get it: spray and pray VC strategy has a major flaw not covered in the lit TMK
Target only firms with POTENTIAL of being unicorns.
Nearly all firms are fine $million firms and cant raise money!? @startupecon #EconTwitter

This podcast on middle east PE is currently my best seller and my friend @MarciaFavale has a tech firm doing cool stuff: you can listen to the podcast while seeing at the bottom automatically-generated links to the topics we touch upon as it happens.


PE in Healthcare -- podcast with @HenryElphickLB
Available here and on your favoriate platform:

new podcast - interview with Mike Weisback on the economist's craft -- available on all platforms:

You've got to confess she is good, really good journalist

Excelent coverage of a yet another excellent paper by @FranzFranzoni and his co-authors

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