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In case you are teaching or planning to teach a Private Equity/Market course


I had to explain to my daughter an NFT, so I thought I write it down, and see what a post that has all the buzz words in it and is a bit funny could look like. You are welcome.

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Private Equity like I like it -- Talk with a Costa Rican fund and a Dutch DFI (FMO)


Happy to announce release of 3rd edition of Private Equity Laid Bare. There are now 5 case studies, of which 2 role plays & new case on impact investing. One case updated & adapted to post-covid world. More on real estate, private debt, dictionary included

Particularly happy with this podcast where we talked about how bankers had to re-invent themselves post 2008 and learn to co-exist with shadow bankers (private debt) in the world of leverage finance.

Debate and disagreement are healthy and welcome. Bullying and ad-hominen attacks are uncceptable. Thank you @FT for your contribution.


📢📢: (1/2) Starting next Friday I will teach new topics in applied corporate finance for PhD. Two lectures on the classic finance and growth and finance and investment, but then we will do finance and trade, innovation, and misallocation! Class is open to anyone.

Very excited to present a new case study.
The hero Eric and his team @NYCEDC are negotiating a loan for a social real estate project. Instead of just giving the money away on the basis that the project is social, they squeeze to the max the private party, https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3793552

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