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Take COVID-19 death, cases and vaccination rates. Of all district characteristics you can come up with (edu, income, age, indus compo, minorities...) One stands out:
Brexit vote!
Doesn't look like coincidence. Full results & disc. here:

Handy stuff during job market season. Counting publications in top 5 Finance + top 5 Econ journals, past 10 years, Oxford SBS is 27th in the world, 3rd outside of the US (below LBS, slightly below Geneva, and above LSE), and we found a few omitted pubs


I am glad to announce that the book is now available in Hardcover -- right on time for Xmas 🙂
Although it seems to work mostly on US and UK amazon site
Link here for amazon UK site:

Job market candidate, Beata Gafka, has a specialist interest in #AssetPricing & #MacroFinance.

Learn more about Beata & other @OxfordSBS doctoral students currently on the job market on our website: https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/programmes/degrees/dphil-management/job-market-candidates-and-placements

to scale my efforts I recorded my video and posted my slides https://stayathomemacro.substack.com/p/good-writing-matters-in-economics PS I do one on one sessions on abstracts ($30) and full macro job markets (free). PPS run workshops from departments / institutions at reasonable a very price.

I know lions are not in jungles, but I was told that my quote would not be as exciting if it said savannah 😉


Superb paper by @laurent_bach and co-authors

Huge amount of work in a place where we badly need more empirical evidence.

" Incidence of stress, anxiety, depression, psychiatric medication usage, and even suicide increase following acquisitions."


The finding that Fama-French factors are revisited substantially is big deal!! "returns differ substantially depending on when the data were downloaded. The effects of these retroactive changes are large."


Another great article by @swillmer


Inflation is going to go ballistic. Dutch banks have started to fine people as well on their cash balance. 300k in the bank = €1500/year fine (plus the 4k wealth tax on it). Many people trying to desperately spend this cash. Guess what they may be buying?

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