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We're excited to announce the appointment of @soumitradutta as the new Dean of Saïd Business School. He is currently Professor of Management & former founding Dean of Cornell SC Johnson College of Business at @Cornell and will join Oxford Saïd on 1st June. https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/news/university-oxford-appoints-new-dean-said-business-school

In this episode of The Billionaire Factory:

Founders of a PE firm go public cash-in big time BUT a pure tax trick means that 3 people receive from new shareholders: $1bn. Tax receivable whatever. Out of thin air! Great article by @chukwubyke


I hear it: What will Ludo offer for Xmas ? He always whine but never offers anything concrete.

And here you are: How about a kick-ass listed Private Equity index?

Mix Natural Language Processing, Big Data, smart liq contraints (no tracking error). (1/3)


Brexit-voting areas of UK have highest COVID-19 death rate

Joint Oxford and Glasgow Uni study claimed to have found a direct correlation between Brexit-voting districts of the UK and those that have the highest rate of fatalities from COVID-19.


I do not do only PE research: Covid-19 & Brexit:

Ultimate game of Monopoly. PE spends tons on campaign contrib, sits on most Endowmnt inv. committee, bought insurance firms to divert that money to them, same going on with wealth advisors. How about pension funds next? Controlling all the money on earth.

As an academic in a business school I obviously think that research matters a great deal. I’ve made it my career. Here’s why it matters and how at @OxfordSBS we are making research even more core to what we do https://www.sbs.ox.ac.uk/oxford-answers/how-research-will-shape-future-business

Congratulations to Professors Pedro Bordalo, Howard Jones and Martin Schmalz (@OxfordFrom) for becoming (proper) Oxford Professors -- well deserved achievement
I am very fortunate to have such amazing colleagues !!

Say what you want, but these Downing Street parties sound absolutely amazing. Imagine going to a party so mad that you have to carry out an enquiry to find out whether it was in your house and whether or not you went.

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