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Thank you very much for this amazing lecture. TBH I was skeptical ex ante because I was not sure it was well related to PE. And boy it was eye opening. A whole new world! https://twitter.com/amit_sinha/status/1526626617879105538

WoW. FT today: "In a 2019 management meeting, Diess repeatedly used the phrase Ebit macht frei (earnings before tax and interest will set you free)". Seriously? And that guy is CEO of WW...

Our group of Economists for Ukraine has launched its website! We work on sanctions, analyze potential outcomes of the war, and coordinate several humanitarian initiatives. Visit http://www.econ4ua.org to check out our work and join our efforts. Please R/T and share.

We have an associate professor tenure-track position available now. Ideal for a seasoned junior finance academic: https://my.corehr.com/pls/uoxrecruit/erq_jobspec_version_4.display_form?p_company=10&p_internal_external=E&p_display_in_irish=N&p_process_type=&p_applicant_no=&p_form_profile_detail=&p_display_apply_ind=Y&p_refresh_search=Y&p_recruitment_id=157420

🚨With @ProfSongMa, we recently released an updated version of our paper “The Education-Innovation Gap” as a NBER wp/CEPR dp. Here’s a short thread if you’re curious about what we do & find! 📜1/10

'The SEC has made an unprecedented effort to review #PrivateMarket funds.'
Professor @lphalippou81 (@OxfordSBS) comments on a recent proposal from @SECGov, which cites several of his research papers to justify new rules on governing private funds:

Getting back from a visit to Lviv, Ukraine, as part of a delegation with 5 colleagues from the EP. We met top municipal, regional and national government officials.

One single point in the agenda: How can the EU help?

We come back with a list of 7 urgent requests. [THREAD]1/

KSE continues humanitarian aid campaign for Ukraine. We are endorsed by the government and have already raised over USD 5M. There are no overheads, no waste or high purchase prices, targeted distribution, detailed knowledge of needs
Payment details: http://kse.ua/support/donati…

The Russian Embassy in Lisbon. Two neighbouring houses are projecting the blue and yellow onto its facade. The ambassador is reportedly “apoplectic”.

We are hiring a tenured professor or associate professor of finance who does research in real estate broadly defined https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ludovic-phalippou-5488b147_job-details-activity-6903049658092847104-WAKr

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