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Advice for students interviewing at the FMA and AFA meetings.

1. Do not drone on and on. The first thing you learn in a public speaking class is that your audience is not listening. So you have to stop and do a tiny recap every so often, so the non-listeners can catch up.


I like this a lot. This is clearly the future of teaching 🙂

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This is a particularly impactful article.

Extremely well written, precise, the authors got it all (which is rare; many people think they get it but do not)


Very cool paper by Allen Hu and @ProfSongMa uses ML to decompose entrepreneur pitch videos.

Expressive delivery is persuasive because it causes viewers to develop false beliefs. Women face challenges both in single and mixed gender teams.



Interesting article, especially knowing how much GPs will make from selling their stakes in the PE management company (they also earn a salary, carry and more on top of course). Yet, I thought it more be more:


Private equity is on a mission to 'democratise' the asset class, but there are dangers, an Oxford professor warns. 'Any idiot can be ripped off,' University of Oxford professor Ludovic Phalippou says. @lphalippou81

📖 @lphalippou81, Professor of Financial Economics, has been teaching private equity for ten years to MBA and EMBA students and is the author of the bestseller 'Private Equity Laid bare' https://pelaidbare.com/buy/

For some fun:


Looking for some weekend listening? Don't miss @lphalippou81 in discussion with Simon Clark on his #PrivateEquity Laid Bare podcast. They talk about Clark's upcoming book on what is the alleged biggest fraud in private equity of all time. https://oxsbs.link/35aYPFY #PE

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