Full transparency

I fully support the global transparency initiatives regarding economic ties of academics.

I hereby list the organizations who have paid me in some shape or form (e.g., in kind, in cash, indirectly via, e.g. book purchases) cumulatively, more than $10,000 (in the past and to come), other than my main employer:

JP Morgan Asset Management: Sponsored research on replication of private equity fund returns using listed equity. And paid talks.

Blackrock Investment Institute: Consulting on methods to generate capital market assumptions for private market investments.

Norway Ministry of Finance: Reports on PE.

Dutch Ministry of Finance: Reports on PE & Dutch Pension Funds.

Teaching contracts with: GEC Academy, Amsterdam Institute of Finance, Erasmus university, university of Amsterdam

Speaking engagements with: Mason Investment Advisory Services, Institutional Investor LLC, Gabler, Super Return

Custom teaching contracts (i.e. teaching paid for by a specific company): Natixis Investment Managers, KPMG, NHP Investments (Morgan Stanley)

KPMG (mostly Luxembourg office): Paid talks

Glion and Lausanne hotel schools: sponsored teaching material, consulting and talks.

In addition, I am a shareholder of a fintech company called Active Asset Allocation. Also a shareholder of a spinning studio in London. And of a start-up focusing on dating app (but went bankrupt, oops).